Aesthetics Medical Center has long been known as a reputable and successfully developing medical center. It operates since its opening in 1998 and for the present provides services in the field of dentistry, cosmetology and dietology.

From the moment of its opening our center took a leading position in the dental market of Donetsk region. To our patients we offered innovative technologies intended for maintaining oral health and preventing dental diseases.

Our center is one of a kind and is rightfully labeled XXI-century dentistry.

First ever in Donbass coal district, we have introduced the following into our practice:

  • computed laser diagnostics of caries (almost 100% accuracy), saliva diagnostics for caries resilience;
  • ozone preventive treatment for caries;
  • endodontic tooth treatment applying microscope;
  • attenuated methods of fitting metal-free dental prostheses (crowns and bridges);
  • targeted regeneration of periodontal tissues;
  • “trainer” and “aligner” functional devices for correcting occlusion in children;
  • the method of depophoresis in endodontics;
  • opened up a new sub-field of laser dentistry.

Our success lies in applying whole complexes of technologies and not just their separate elements.

Treatment rooms at Aesthetics Medical Center are facilitated with dental units and equipment produced by leading overseas brands. We use dental materials of highest quality only.

We do not cut down expenses on handling materials and instruments.

Aesthetics Medical Center provides dedicated service to you, your family members, and your colleagues. Our specialists are highly qualified. We offer convenient working hours and payment methods.

Our patients receive value-for-money dental service: from consultation and checkup to full-scale treatment and prosthetics. An important advantage is relying on our own dental laboratory, which ensures accurate and speedy manufacture of prosthetic constructions. We strive to provide our treatment in line with all required clinical standards, as well as make it absolutely comfortable and pleasant for patients. You do not need searching for a multi-specialty practitioner — simply visit our center!

A number of our doctors and dental laboratory technicians have completed training in Germany and received first-hand experience of European approach to treatment.

High qualification of our doctors and ongoing quality control over works performed ensure safe and long-lasting treatment results. This is why more than half of our patients were referred to us by their acquaintances. For a number of years, many Donetsk companies cooperate with us in the field of voluntary medical insurance and as part of their corporate programmes.

We are glad to accommodate you as our patients!!!

Address: 50-years USSR St., 144/2, Donetsk 83001, Ukraine

Phone: +38(071) 340-84-56, +38 (066) 633-54-52, +38 (062) 386-20-10